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Reviews & Testimonials



Custom Built Maple Kitchen Island Top

Amazing craftsmanship! I couldn’t be happier with my custom workshop kitchen island top!!!! It’s beyond amazing!


Bruce & Linda

Custom Built White Oak Drop Leaf Dining Room Table

We have an antique Welsh Dresser that we like very much.  We needed a table and wanted one that had the same look as the dresser.  Dan made a us drop leaf table that complements the dresser so well you would think they were made at the same time!  We love it!  We live in a condo and wanted to be able to seat 10 for dinner but did not want to take up a lot of space with a dining room table when we were not entertaining.  The table sits behind one of our sofas and doubles as a sofa table.  Dan created the drawings for the table and completed the table beginning to end!  We are extremely happy with the finished product!



Antique Queen Anne Chair Restoration

We had purchased 4 Queen Anne dining room side chairs for a great price.  Problem was that parts of the legs on each chair - the side braces - I call them ears (but that is not the correct terminology) - were completely missing.  Dan made new ones out of the same wood as the rest of the chair and then completely refinished them.  They look fantastic!  



Dining Room Tabletop Restoration & Repair

When I met Dan he was so helpful getting the table top out of my car.  I picked up the table top last week and Dan told me what he did to fix the stain and showed me a picture of it after he had sanded it down.  Dan went even further by tightening all the joints and replaced old screws.    Also, I appreciated your keeping me abreast of the progress.  The end result was absolutely gorgeous and we are pleased with the color.  My husband and I put the table back together Sunday, November 3 (it was a bit of a challenge because of all the legs and screws but we got it put together).  I told Dan I would definitely recommend your company to others.  Thank you both for your professionalism and beautiful work.



Cane Back Chair Set Restoration & Repair

I had two cane-back chairs that belonged to my grandfather, a “country doctor” who practiced during the Depression.  The two chairs were from his waiting room.  Obviously, they had a lot of sentimental value, but they were in very poor condition -- literally, coming apart at the seams, scarred and covered with paint flecks -- I gave the chairs to Dan Reily and he worked his magic.  The chairs came back looking great – not over-finished and still sporting some patina that gave them a refined, but vintage look. The cane rods were re-glued and the chairs were rock solid again. Grandad would be proud.  Thanks Dan!

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