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Repurposed Custom Built Kitchen Island 

Custom built kitchen island with soft close drawers. The island is made from a family coffee table that held sentimental value, but was no longer usable. The table top was salvaged and restored, and the remainder of the table was built into the drawers.

$1,800 (size depending)


White Oak 10-Seat Dropleaf Table

Custom built white oak table made to seat 10, but still comfortably fit behind a couch for attractive placement in an apartment. Scroll work was designed to match an antique English dresser the client already owned and the legs were done in house on the lathe.

$4,000-$4,500 (size depending)

Custom Hard Maple Kitchen Island Top

A custom kitchen island top made out of hard maple to resemble a woodshop bench. Complete with breadboard ends, a middle trough, and dogholes. Made to look distressed to give it an old world feel. 

$1,500-$2,000 (size depending)

Pinball Machine Shaker Style Coffee Table

The piece that started it all. One of our first custom builds. A commissioned shaker style coffee table built around an antique pinball machine. The machine can be lifted in and out by removing the glass and can still be played in place. 

*One of a kind*

Abrosia Maple Display Coffee Table Set

Commissioned coffee table with matching side tables. Ambrosia maple with tempered glass and a display drawer. Each piece is unique as a result of the ambrosia maple. All corners have a beautiful walnut spline accent. 

$2,000-$2,500 Coffee Table

$800-1,000 Side Table

Custom Built Murphy Bed with Matching Cuboards

Custom designed murphy bed with matching side cabinets for extra storage. The bed has an office desk that can be used when it is pulled up. The desk stays flat as the bed is lifted and lowered. 

$3,800-$5,000 (size depending)

Custom Grey-Wash Dining Room Table with Benches

A column style dining room table with grey white wash coloring. The table has a stable crossed leg style with matching benches on either side. 


Repurposed White Oak Stained Glass Hall Tree

A custom built hall tree. The piece was designed and built to highlight a stained glass window with sentimental value to our client. Nearly 8 feet tall, includes a soft close hinged storage chest that closes to make up a bench seat. 

*One of a kind*

Outdoor Oasis Seating Set

A set of three custom built benches made to weather, well, the weather and complete this client's outdoor oasis. 

$1,00-1,500 (depending on size, number, or scale)

Blanket Ladders

Custom blanket ladders can be built to match any style, size or need. Different woods, stains, or paints can be utilized. We build our ladders to far exceed the quality and stability you would find in a store making the investment well worth it. These make a fantastic addition to any room or living room and a great gift. 

$200-250 (size depending)

Custom, Metal Ringed, Display Stands

Custom display stands provide beautiful stability to highlight wedding cakes, baked goods and much more. Made from high quality wood, and rimmed with steel rings pinned in with bronze accent nails. 

Buy one or have one built! $80-$300 

Wine Racks

Custom made wine racks can be made out of any desired wood with any stain. Custom sizing to fit your desired height and length. 


Buy one or have one built! $150-$250 (wood depending) 

Antique Window Art

Antique windows made into art of your choice. Traditionally we produce city  skyline silhouettes, but also produce other options and discuss individual requests.  


Buy one or have one built! $350-$500

Wine Cork Trees

What else would you use 500+ wine corks for but a beautiful piece of wall art? Various sizes and price points available. Can do other shapes and designs if requested. Can be metal rimmed or not. 

Buy one or have one built! $150-$450 depending on size

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