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About Us

Reily Furniture and Restoration was formed in 2015 by Dan and Leah Reily developing from their mutual love of creating beautiful and original furniture and artwork, respectively. Their mission is to develop beautiful, lasting, furniture and art and to preserve the beauty and history of existing pieces. They own and operate their business out of Sterling, Virginia.


About Dan

Reily Furniture and Restoration is the result of a life-long love for woodworking and design for Dan Reily. Drawing inspiration and learning from his father, grandfather, and Sunday afternoons with Norm Abrams on PBS, Dan gravitated to complicated projects from an early age, and at the age of nine had crafted his own bedroom furniture with his father in their garage workshop. Gathering skills and experience through adolescence and early adulthood, Dan always kept one foot in the workshop door, and in 2014 he began developing a plan to turn his passion into a vocation. While Dan enjoys all aspects of woodworking, he is especially drawn to the challenge of developing unique pieces that fulfill the needs and style of his clientele. As a result, each piece generated by Dan and Leah is an original you will not find anywhere else.

About Leah

Leah Reily is the environmental conscience behind the company, and this influence is present in every facet of her artwork. As the daughter of a naturalist and an avid photographer and artist, Leah has developed her own style of art using a variety of artistic media. Her preference for recycled and environmentally safe materials and methods leads to a truly unique style. Leah also runs the day to day aspects of the business, customer service, social media, project photography, and more. She looks forward to interacting with current and potential clients in determining how she and Dan can best suit their needs.

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